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All You Need To Know About Astrology


Events that come under the best astrologers in India expertise are relationships, marriages, careers and general insights into day-to-day activities. These divinations are made on a weekly or monthly basis, otherwise also known as a horoscope. The most popular columns about Astrology are written by professional astrologers who tend to do their level best to explain to their clients how the current movements of the planets affect us based upon the positions of the planets at the moment you were born.

But even within astrology, each planet holds a particular significance and meaning. Let us now discuss which planets hold what kind of power over a person’s horoscope. Suppose one happens to be looking at the personal horoscope. In that case, one realizes that each luminary (that un) or planet holds some importance and offers valuable insight into the different aspects of a particular person’s personality. For example, the sun sign within a horror score tells us a lot about a particular individual’s identity.

Talking about a particular planet or luminary moving through, It is realized that characterisation for that is done according to a particular month. For instance, if a person is born between July 22-23 to August 22-23, then the sun is considered to be in Leo, the fire sign Symbolized by a lion, which is reminiscent of a person displaying character traits of confidence and a take-charge attitude.

Given below is a primary classification of celestial bodies and their importance in astrology:

  • Sun: Confidence, self-esteem, self-image, identity, and sense of self.
  • Moon: The moon is considered to be the compass of emotions for a particular Zodiac, which shapes a sense of serenity, security, safety, intuition, as well as values.
  • Mercury: Also known as the Messenger planet, named after the Roman God of messages, which oversees information-gathering, communication, and research.
  • Venus: The planet of love and beauty, named after the Roman Goddess of beauty, influences relationships, passions, art, pleasure, and money.
  • Mars: This planet is considered the take charge kind of planet. It essentially decides how a person takes action, how much courage they have and how much energy they have, both physical and sexual. Named after the Roman God of War.
  • Jupiter: The planet of luck and abundance. It was named after the King of the Roman Gods, Jupiter Optimus Maximus.
  • Saturn: The boundaries, limitations, planet of rules, and discipline. Interestingly, this planet is named after the Roman God of agriculture and harvest, Saturnus.
  • Uranus: It is considered to be a planet of spontaneity. It rules over the aspects of rebellion, change, events of a sudden nature and even breakthroughs.This is the only planet named after a Greek Titan named Ouranos.
  • North & South Points: The north point works as an astrological north star, or the path you’re supposed to move forwards in this life, while the south point is what you’re already an expert in, perhaps as a result of early or past life experience.
  • Rising sign/Ascendant: The sign rising towards the eastern horizon at one’s birth is considered their rising or ascendant. It portrays the image you project out into the world, and it offers insight into your skills, talents, and strategies you might adopt to make your way in life.

The question must be on a person’s mind: What are Zodiac signs? The answer to that question is that Zodiac signs are a belt that exists within about 8 degrees on either side of the ecliptic, which is a circle that defines the path of the sun among the constellations over a year. These are divided into 12 distinct signs. The ruling planets and luminaries within the person’s horoscope tend to travel through these belts, determining an individual’s zodiac sign.

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